Health & Safety Policy Disco

Health & Safety Policy Disco

The policy applies in respect of any person to whom Sound Control Entertainment Solutions owes a duty of care.

 Sound Control Entertainment Solutions is a provider of mobile entertainment, and fully accepts, its statutory and moral responsibilities to provide the highest standard of health and safety protection for its staff and for other people on or about the premises or sites for which it has responsibility.

 Sound Control Entertainment Solutions Entertainment is dedicated to ensuring:

The health, safety, and welfare of all our staff and others who work under our control.

The safety of the public who use or have access to premises under our control or attend our events.

That the way in which we develop our undertaking contributes to the well-being of the community at large.

To meet these aims we shall:


Keep up to date with best practice in relation to health and safety and comply with all relevant legislation and authoritative guidance.

Ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, those who undertake work on our behalf apply the highest standards of health and safety for their employees and the community in general.

Co-operate actively with local authorities, statutory bodies, and public services in the interest of public safety and the safeguarding of the environment.

Give a high priority to health and safety in all our operations.

Develop, implement, and monitor health and safety regimes appropriate to our work.

Co-operate with, and monitor, the performance of contractors who work for us.

Provide the necessary resources to implement our policies and keep them up to date.

Consult with, and involve, our staff in matters affecting their health and safety.

Provide the necessary equipment and training for the tasks to be performed.

Where necessary supplement our in-house resources with external resources.

We require the full and active participation of all our employees in order that the principles outlined in this policy statement may be achieved.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Although not yet a legal requirement all our portable electrical equipment is tested on an annual basis to ensure it is safe to use. Cables, interface connectors and appliances are inspected for visable defects and each appliance is tested using a portable appliance tester to ensure it passes the required safety tests. Once each piece of equipment has passed these rigourous tests it will have a test certification sticker affixed to the item clearly displaying the next due date.


Public Liability Insurance (PLI)

What is public liability? Public liability is also known as third party or personal liability. This cover protects you against injury incurred because of Sound Control Entertainment Solutions - so, for example, if a speaker or light falling and injuring a guest - that person could claim against Sound Control Entertainment Solutions for compensation. With the introduction of the Public Entertainment Licence Act (PELA), more venues are insisting on public liability cover - local authority venues often require DJs to have adequate liability cover. Sound Control Entertainment Solutions has a valid Public Liability Insurance certificate that will be produced upon request. Not all DJs have this.  Even if you choose not to use Sound Control Entertainment Solutions check that your DJ has the necessary insurance.


The statutory duties placed on Sound Control Entertainment Solutions, all their employees, and providers of services, are to be regarded as minimum standards.  We aim to achieve best practice in terms of health and safety in all that we do.

Your Peace of Mind

To protect our customers we have a £10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance policy and Electrical Safety Test Certificates plus Enhanced CRB Checks which are now a standard requirement for discos to work in many establishments. A copy of the certificates can be provided on request.

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